Glitter Tattoos

The glitter tattoos we use are FDA compliant and use cosmetic grade glitter. They are waterproof and last three to seven days depending on skin type and maintenance.  To extend the life of your glitter tattoo don’t scrub it or use lotion on it, and pat it dry after bathing and swimming.  They can be removed by gently massaging oil-based makeup remover, baby oil, or rubbing alcohol into the skin where the glitter remains.  Dozens of tattoo designs are available!  If you would like a specific stencil to fit the theme of your event, let us know ahead of time so it can be ordered.

Glitter tattoos are sweatproof and waterproof, so they are amazing in the heat of the Florida summer. Immediately after application, you can dive into the pool, which makes then perfect for pool parties!

Glitter tattoos are popular with both male and female children, teens, and even adults.

Who doesn't love glitter?!?

Who doesn’t love glitter?!?



Photos coming soon!